UCLA’s Nikki Caldwell revives the Bruins

When I was 15 years old Nikki Caldwell was a Lady Vol and my summer basketball camp counselor. I will never forget Coach Caldwell teaching me how to shoot so the ball would actually go in – especially my free throws.

Stand at the free throw line with my left toe directly in line with the rim. Line my fingers along the seams of the ball. Behind my knees like I’m sitting in a chair, then stand on the balls of my feet. Flick my wrist like I’m waving good-bye.  Put back spin on the ball. Hold my follow-through while saying confidently “1 pt.” 

Not only did she teach me how to have faith in my shot, but she taught me how to have faith in myself.

Now Nikki Caldwell is UCLA’s Head Women’s Basketball Coach, and she is molding the next generation of great collegiate and WNBA bball players. Surely any WNBA owner will want one Coach Caldwell’s players on their team – trust me!

 Today ESPN LA posted a great story by Blair Angulo about the Bruins. Check out this  link to learn more about this great coach and role model. http://sports.espn.go.com/los-angeles/columns/story?id=6038973

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