What A Difference A Year Makes

Today is the one year anniversary of my Achilles Tendon injury. I played competitive sports for years, and I never suffered anything other than a few bumps and bruises. Finally, one day I decided to play a little pick-up basketball and then I heard the unthinkable – a pop in the back of my foot.

After swelling and three doctor’s visits later I found out that my pick-up bball days were done (at least for awhile) and I would need surgery. The first surgeon that I met with was just that – a surgeon. I left his office even more scared than when I entered. After that day I decided that I could find a surgeon who was talented and had a the kindness that I needed. Then I met Arthur Manoli.

Dr. Manoli and his staff guided me through the process and treated me and my family with patience and kindness. Later I found out that Dr. Manoli is a world renowned surgeon who performs surgeries on professional NBA athletes.

Once I had my surgery, I spent three weeks off of my feet. During this time I was encouraged by my sister to productively use my time off. I took her suggestion to heart and started blogging for Forbes.com. Well from there my entire world took off and Iย consciously decided that the injury would be the best thing that ever happened to me…and it was!

Since then I’ve written 18 stories for Forbes. Covered the WNBA All-Star Game, WNBA Playoffs, and WNBA Finals. Interviewed the WNBA President and three owners.

And while I was off of my feet, I learned that I’m truly blessed (health insurance is awesome) and my family/community really care about me.

Long story short, my entire world took off and I am such a better person for it!

Here’s my foot journey from beginning to end! …

At home right after the rupture. It's swelling already.
My new boot.
Last year all I wanted for Christmas was a good surgeon.
That's my mom telling me everything would be alright. Meanwhile I'm smiling through the fear.
My post surgery cast. It was huge. I didn't go anywhere for 3 weeks.
Finally the stitches came out. Ouch!
Back on my feet again. And my first interview with a Detroit Piston!
Here's my one legged scooter. It looks funny but it is the BEST invention ever!
Fast forward...I ended the year celebrating a WNBA Championship with an old college teammate!

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