What A Difference A Year Makes

Today is the one year anniversary of my Achilles Tendon injury. I played competitive sports for years, and I never suffered anything other than a few bumps and bruises. Finally, one day I decided to play a little pick-up basketball and then I heard the unthinkable – a pop in the back of my foot.

After swelling and three doctor’s visits later I found out that my pick-up bball days were done (at least for awhile) and I would need surgery. The first surgeon that I met with was just that – a surgeon. I left his office even more scared than when I entered. After that day I decided that I could find a surgeon who was talented and had a the kindness that I needed. Then I met Arthur Manoli.

Dr. Manoli and his staff guided me through the process and treated me and my family with patience and kindness. Later I found out that Dr. Manoli is a world renowned surgeon who performs surgeries on professional NBA athletes.

Once I had my surgery, I spent three weeks off of my feet. During this time I was encouraged by my sister to productively use my time off. I took her suggestion to heart and started blogging for Forbes.com. Well from there my entire world took off and I┬áconsciously decided that the injury would be the best thing that ever happened to me…and it was!

Since then I’ve written 18 stories for Forbes. Covered the WNBA All-Star Game, WNBA Playoffs, and WNBA Finals. Interviewed the WNBA President and three owners.

And while I was off of my feet, I learned that I’m truly blessed (health insurance is awesome) and my family/community really care about me.

Long story short, my entire world took off and I am such a better person for it!

Here’s my foot journey from beginning to end! …

At home right after the rupture. It's swelling already.
My new boot.
Last year all I wanted for Christmas was a good surgeon.
That's my mom telling me everything would be alright. Meanwhile I'm smiling through the fear.
My post surgery cast. It was huge. I didn't go anywhere for 3 weeks.
Finally the stitches came out. Ouch!
Back on my feet again. And my first interview with a Detroit Piston!
Here's my one legged scooter. It looks funny but it is the BEST invention ever!
Fast forward...I ended the year celebrating a WNBA Championship with an old college teammate!

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