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About Alana


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Alana M. Glass, Esq. is a passionate leader within the legal profession and an innovative sports entrepreneur. It is no secret that Alana is driven and determined to be an owner of a professional sports franchise. This dream was conceived during her time as a student-athlete and manager on the University of Minnesota’s Women’s Basketball team.

Currently, she is a regular contributor to Forbes.com and its SportsMoney pages. Additionally, Alana is the founder of Kennedy Clay Sports & Entertainment LLC and IWantToBeAnOwner.com, a sports website featuring “The Stuff” you want to talk about in professional sports from the next generation of sports ownership.

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Professionally, she has worked with the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves in its Game Operations department, and with the Detroit Pistons in its Community Relations and Strategic Communications departments.

Alana earned her J.D., LL.M. in Intellectual Property, and LL.M. in Corporate Law & Finance from Thomas M. Cooley in 2006, 2008, and 2011 respectively. In addition to her legal degrees, she is a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota. Go Gophers!

My Story…

Have you ever wanted something so bad that it’s all you ever talk about? It drives you. You have unwavering commitment to accomplish it. Your every move and thoughts are centered around it.

That was me in 1997. I left home and traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I received an academic scholarship to attend the University of Minnesota. Along with studying at “The U” I was also on a mission to walk-on to the Gopher Women’s Basketball team. Just four years earlier after a suggestion from my father I started playing basketball. I ended up loving the sport and everything about. I approached basketball the same way that I approached other projects in my life. I went to library, checked out books and videos, and became a student of the game.

One summer I went to the University of Tennessee and attended Coach Pat Summits’ girl’s basketball camp. While at camp that summer I played my heart out, and I asked for pointers from Coach Summit and the Lady Vols. Little did I know, my actions were being watched. At the end of the week-long camp I was given the “Lady Vol award” from the coach leading our team. The coach said that I came to camp and “played with what I had, asked for help, and was the type of player that Coach Summit was looking for.” I was shocked that my coach selected me for the award. To this day, I’m sure that coach has no idea the impact that her words had on my life. In just 60 seconds I decided that I would play college basketball. I knew that my goal was ambitious and it would be tough, but anyone with children knows that nothing can stop a determined teenager.

I had no idea what Division I sports was all about. No one in my family or close friends had ever competed on the Division I level. While the unknown can be scary, full of questions and uncertainty, it actually can be a wonderful opportunity to dream and explore. While I didn’t have anyone’s experiences to learn from, I also didn’t have anyone’s expectations to live up to. I was able to figure out college sports for myself, and I knew that I loved basketball too much to give it up. There wasn’t anything in the world that I wanted more than to have a #22 jersey with my name on it.

My journey at “The U” started off with a little bit of disappointment. I didn’t make the team after my first walk-on tryout. However, I was given the option to continue on with the team as a student-manager. I accepted that role and put my entire energy into being an asset to the team. The manager role was challenging and at the same time rewarding. While I was fulfilled as a manager, I still never gave up my dream of being on the roster. After three years of serving as a manager I finally made the team on my fourth try. It was absolutely incredible being a student-athlete and my dream finally came true!

Why Professional Sports Ownership

As my time at “the U” gradually came to an end I began having the same feeling that I experienced in high school – I it didn’t want it to end. I knew that playing professional basketball wasn’t for me. I tossed around the idea of coaching or maybe being a general manager. I didn’t like the idea of either of those positions. What excited me? I was excited by the idea of being a professional sports owner.

To me ownership is the opportunity to… Fulfill my Entrepreneurial Spirit. Create Something from Nothing. Be Innovative. Inspire and Develop Athletes. Entertain Fans. Renew the Competitive Spirit. Facilitate Teamwork. Make a Difference. Dream Big.