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FIFA World Cup Soccer: Team USA, Team Destiny!

12 years ago today the United States Women’s NationalĀ Soccer Team defeated China and won the 1999 FIFA World Cup. Brandi ChastainĀ kicked theĀ goal heard around the world when she threw off her jersey in excitement after scoring the final penalty kick.

Fast forward to today’s historicĀ quarterfinalĀ FIFA World Cup match between the USA and Brazil. It was simply AMAZING! Just when I thought the match was over, in the 122 minuteĀ Megan Rapinoe passed the ball to Abby Wambach who head butted the tying goal. I saw the moment with my own eyes and I still don’t belive it. The team literally came back from the brink of elimination.

Today IĀ was so proud to be a women’s sports fan, andĀ there’s no doubt in my mind that women are just as capable as men of producing high-level,Ā entertaining and competitive sports.

Here’s video from the 1999 World Cup and today’s remarkable quarterfinals match.

One more thing, just in case you’re wondering…USA will be playing France in theĀ semifinals on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. on ESPN. Go USA!

Good Night Sports Fans,



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